Claims Assistance

Claim Reporting Procedure

The rental operator is responsible for reporting a claim and submitting all required claim documents to MBA Insurance within 7 days of a loss. Claims involving injuries must be reported to MBA Insurance immediately.

PREFERRED METHOD - Online Claim Submissions

1. Login to your Customer Service Center using your MBA user credentials. (Click Here to go there now)

2. On your Dashboard navigation bar, select Submit a Claim.

3. Before starting the claims submission process, please have these items available for reference:

1. Accident Report Form

2. Addendum (if applicable)

3. Rental Agreement

4. Check-In/Check-Out Forms

5. Police Report (if applicable)

6. Estimate (if applicable)

7. Third Party Vehicle Information (if applicable)

8. Third Party Pedestrian Information (if applicable)

9. Third Party Property Information (if applicable)

4. Enter the following information:

1. Last 6 of VIN

2. Your First and Last Name

3. Your Phone Number

4. Your Email Address

5. Select Begin Claim

5. Enter all questions to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer for a required field, please feel free to write “unknown”. If there is a required question that is not applicable to your claim, please feel free to write “NA” in the description box. Please keep in mind that providing detailed information can expedite the claims process. The adjuster will not be able to make their coverage determination without all required documentation including a copy of the rental agreement (if applicable).

If there is no damage to your MBA insured vehicle and you are submitted a claim for a 3rd party only, you can still submit the claim online. Please indicate that there is no damage to the rental vehicle and the claim will be set up for the 3rd party only.

If you need to provide documents for a previously submitted claim, please email them to . Please make sure to reference your policy number and date of loss.

6. Once you complete the online claim submission process, an insurance adjuster will be in contact as soon as possible. Please keep in mind this is a commercial auto policy, and the claims process can take longer than a standard auto policy. Due to the nature of commercial policies, adjusters are required to investigate all claims. Investigation may include; talking to the renter, inspecting the vehicle, requesting additional accident details. The sooner the adjuster receives everything, the sooner your claim can be processed. Please make sure to check your email regularly. Adjusters spend much of their day on the phone and email is the adjuster’s quickest method of communication.

7. If you do not receive a phone call from an adjuster within 2 business days from filing your claim, please contact MBA. We will provide you with the adjuster’s contact information and your claim number. Once you have been contacted by the adjuster, they will be your main contact moving forward with the claim.


MBA First Notice of Loss Contact Information

Phone: (800) 622-2201

Fax: (480) 607-6100


Tips & Suggestions

  • Verify that your vehicle is active on your MBA policy before sending it out on rental.
  • Call PurCo to assist in collecting damages from your renters. PurCo can assist in loss of use claims and help reduce customer complaints. Please contact PurCo directly at 801-798-2400.
  • MBA does not provide coverage for any damage to wrap advertisements.
  • It is of extreme importance that ALL required forms be completed for claims involving international drivers. YOU are responsible for helping the international customer complete these forms fully and in English. Be sure to obtain your driver’s correct address, telephone number, and email address. If the renter has temporary U.S. contact information, please gather the local and international contact information.
  • The adjuster will request the photos from you directly. You are not required to upload photos when you file a claim online.
  • DO NOT begin repair work until you have spoken to the adjuster.
  • Take measures to help minimize further damages while you are waiting to hear from your adjuster. This can include securing a broken awning or covering an exposed puncture in an RV.

Most Common Claims That Are Easily Avoided

Concrete Pole at the Gas Station

Always park as far from the gas pump as you can and allow the hose of the gas pump to extend out while filling up the tank. Parking far away will help prevent you from clipping the pump barrier with the motorhome as you turn to pull away.

Low-Hanging Objects

Make sure your renter is aware of the vehicle clearance and does not attempt to pass under low signs, bridges, trees, etc. Also, make sure to view the roof for damage when the vehicle returns from rental.


Always use a spotter even if the vehicle is equipped with a back up camera. Many claims that occur at gas stations, parking lots, and campsites can be avoided by using a spotter.

Changing Lanes

Instruct your renter to check their mirrors carefully before attempting a lane change. Small vehicles can be difficult to see in the side mirrors.

Tire Blow-Outs

Check the tire pressure before every rental and follow the recommended tire maintenance to help avoid tire blow-outs.


Demonstrate to your renter the proper way to operate an awning. Advise your renter that awnings must be retracted during storms and high winds.

You may wish to collect a larger deposit if they wish to use the awning or prohibit the use of awnings.

What To Do In The Event Of An Accident

1. Check for injuries and call 911 if you need immediate assistance.

2. Pull off to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights, park, and turn the vehicle off

3. Get to a safe location

4. Use the Accident Report Form to help gather information from other parties involved.

This information should contain but is not limited to:

  • Driver and passenger names and contact information
  • Insurance information: Insurance Company Name, Policy number, Policy Holder
  • Vehicle information: Make, Model, Year, VIN, License Plate Number
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Witness information (if applicable)
  • Accident location: Address, Date, Time
  • Police information: Officer Name, Badge Number, Responding Police Department, Report Number
  • Take photos of the scene and damage to the rental vehicle

5. Report the claim to MBA Insurance